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Psilocybe mexicana is a psilocybin mushroom that develops sclerotia, which are hardened clumps of mycelium that aid organisms in survival in harsh situations such as frost, drought, and nutrient deprivation. Other members of this mushroom family include P. tampanensis and, to a lesser extent, P. cinctulus. Although these species’ sclerotia are occasionally referred to as truffles, this is a biological mistake.

How to grow psilocybe mexicana

Purchase Mexican-Cubensis-Mushrooms Online in the USA. Truffles, unlike sclerotia, are reproductive structures that disseminate their genetic payload through animal ingestion and subsequent excretion into new settings. True truffle-producing plants are often ectomycorrhizal, which means that their survival is dependent on a symbiotic association with a certain host tree species. Though found among a variety of trees, P. mexicana’s preferred habitat is manure-rich grassland, which led Paul Stamets to call these the “Mexican liberty cap” due to the two species’ love for similar conditions.

Identification of the Psilocybe mexicana:

Its unique brown, convex top, which flattens with age, acts as a telling indicator.
When it is young, the cap margin typically curves inward. As the mushrooms age, their undersides darken, ranging from a purplish brown to a dark purple-black.
The thin white stem bruises in a blue-green tint. Another identifying aspect is the brown spore pattern.
Because of its strong resemblance to certain non-psychoactive species, the Mexican mushroom requires microscopic scrutiny and spore prints from mature specimens to be correctly identified. Where to buy mexican cubensis mushrooms