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Are you excited yet? We can tell. Take a minute, inhale deeply, and envision the taste of a sweet ‘n’ scrumptious chocolate mushroom bar. With just one chocolate square, you may satisfy your sweet desire while basking in a wonderful, luscious scent. polka dot magic mushroom chocolate

Imagining that? Do you have a mental picture of it? Okay, but you’re also quite lit!

These Magic Mushroom Chocolates are not only delicious, but also quite strong! Our special mushroom extract blend contains nootropics, adaptogens, and a pre-blend of tryptamines. They may seem like magic in chocolate form, but these soft chews aren’t your typical magic mushrooms. magic mushroom chocolate bar packaging


Body Buzz
Cerebral Effects
Mind-Melting Fun

Available Flavors:
Churro Milk
Cookies & Cream
Fruity Cereal
Chocolate Milk

For optimal results, if you’ve tried edible THC products, these chocolates will feel familiar. Like THC gummies, these bars take an hour or more to produce euphoric effects, so patience is essential with our chocolate bars. Don’t make the usual rookie mistake of going back for another chocolate bar serving. Take your selected dosage and prepare to surf the waves of mushroom bliss. magic mushroom chocolate recipes

If you’re just getting started with mushrooms or want a relaxing microdose, one chocolate piece will enough. Need a bit more oomph? Four mushroom chocolate pieces are great for chocolate cavaliers venturing out of their comfort zone. And seven or more mushroom chocolate squares? We advocate that serving size to space cowboys with greater tolerance—and dual citizenship on the moon.

This psychedelic chocolate bar is ideal for anyone seeking a change from their usual routine. Each bar has euphoric effects comparable to our THC gummies, but their creamy, chocolate richness (combined with mind-melting mushrooms) creates a unique experience. polka dot magic mushroom chocolate

What’s the “Magic” behind our Magic Mushrooms?
These “Magic Mushroom” products feature a unique combination of liposomes and nootropics that stimulate the same brain receptors as regular hallucinogenic mushrooms. This groundbreaking mushroom blend has been meticulously formulated to improve cognitive function and overall well-being. It contains high-quality liposomes, which are small spheres that transport nutrients and chemicals directly to your cells. This enables optimal absorption and efficacy.

Our mushroom blend comprises a variety of safe, natural substances that work together to enhance brain function. These include natural supplements like lion’s mane mushroom, 5-HTP, and Rhodiola rosea. These components have been shown in scientific studies to improve focus, memory, creativity, and mood.

How to make magic mushroom chocolate

What distinguishes our “Magic Mushroom” combination is its unique ability to target the same brain receptors that are responsible for psychoactive effects. It is intended to improve mental clarity and attention, reduce stress, and boost general well-being. With consistent use, you might expect improved cognitive performance and a stronger sense of vigor.

Our mushroom products produce a favorable psychoactive impact since research indicates that several of these “serotonin agonists” might produce a psychotropic effect when consumed in sufficient quantities at once. However, the body cannot metabolize these substances all at once in their natural state. effect.

Polkadot magic mushroom chocolate

The components are first reduced to a smaller, equally homogenized particle size in order to mislead the user’s body into believing they are taking far more than they actually are. All of those substances hitting the receptor site at the same time create a highly bioavailable and efficacious combination of all compounds at once, resulting in a profoundly euphoric experience.

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The following is a list of all the “active” substances utilized in our patented liposomal blend: 5-HTP (also known as 5-hydroxytryptophan), Rhodiola Rosea, Lion’s Mane, Mimosa Hostilis Root, Phenylethylamine Hydrochloride, Cyanocobalamin (B12), Cholecalciferol (D3).

We are proud of the quality of these items and the science that behind them. This proprietary blend has been studied and confirmed to be safe and effective, and we are convinced you will see and feel the difference!

Warning: These mushroom chocolate items may have psychoactive consequences. These bars are not intended for use by anybody under the age of 21. Do not use TRĒ House products while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Before using TRĒ House chocolate bars, please visit your primary physician as the components may affect everyone differently.

Do not use this product unless advised by your doctor.
Don’t use more of this product than suggested.

Do not use more of this product than your doctor has prescribed.
Do not use this product if you are pregnant, nursing, or less than 21 years old.
Do not use this product if you have any diagnosed or undiagnosed health conditions.